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Manufacturing Process

We only use reclaimed teak wood because it is resistant to swelling and warping. All the movement within the wood has already been made and hence it’s ready to be used!

Environment Friendliness

When you use reclaimed lumber, you decrease the demand for newly sourced lumber, which helps curb deforestation.

Our ace craftsman, Mr. RamLal Ji along with his team carefully carves the reclaimed teak wood into:

1. Ganeshas
2. Temples
3. Horses, Elephants
4. Chowkies,
5. Sofa Sets, Chairs, etc

Did You Know?

All these wooden models created by Mr. RamLal Ji are 100% handcrafted i.e. no machines used.
Hence, good quality & uniqueness in each product is maintained.


All the roughness on the surface of the wood is removed `in this process. Ghisai makes the wood soft & grainless.
Once the level of the wood is uniform in all directions silver can easily & neatly be cladded on it.

Silver Cladding On Teak Wood

Thick sheets of 99% pure silver are cladded on teak wood to get the desired shapes and sizes.
The silver in this process has to be 99% pure because pure silver is very malleable and hence can be easily cladded.


Design is drawn on the cladded silver sheet & then engraved using special tools as shown in the picture. This is a highly skilled process and requires the utmost precision and patience.
Plain silver cladding on teak wood is the toughest as making designs on silver sheets can be done to hide faults.

Polish & Lacquering

A special polish is rubbed on the silver items to bring out the glow. After this, a Japanese lacquer coating (Anti-tarnish) is applied to the article so as to delay the oxidation. Lacquer is inert and does not harm silver. It is reasonably clear and covers the silver with an airtight seal, so it does not need to be polished again and again.


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